Castelão was completed in 1973 and was inaugurated on November 11 of
that year.

In May, 2000, the Ceará state government decided to reform the stadium.
The reformations were divided in three parts, and started on May 16, 2001.
The first part consisted in the recovery of the ditches, and of the bleachers
junctions, as well as the recovery of the low walls. The second part of the
reformation started on July 20, 2001, and consisted in the recovery and
strengthen of the stadium physical structure. The third part consisted in the
recovery of the electrical, hydraulic, sanitary and electronic installations.

The inaugural match was played on November 11, 1973, when Ceará and
Fortaleza drew 0-0. The stadium's first goal was scored on November 18,
1973 by Ceará's Erandy, when Ceará beat Vitória 1-0.

The re-inaugural match was played on March 23, 2002, when the Brazil
national team beat the Yugoslavia national team 1-0. The stadium's first
goal after the re-inauguration was scored by Brazil's Luizão.

The stadium's attendance record currently stands at 118,496, set on
August 27. 1980, when the Brazil national team beat the Uruguay national
team 1-0.

Castelão is a possible venue to 2014 World Cup that possible will be held in