Malone Stadium is a stadium in Monroe, Louisiana. It is primarily used for American football, and is the home field of the University of Louisiana
at Monroe Warhawks.

Malone Stadium was named for James L. Malone, the winningest coach in school history. It opened on September 16, 1978 with the
then-Northeast Louisiana Indians beat Arkansas State, 21-13. It is located across Bayou Desired from the main campus, the center of the
school's athletic facilities. The field runs roughly north-northeast, with an imbalanced grandstand, the west stands being the larger stands. The
lower west level is a solid enclosed structure, with the ULM Athletic Training Center enclosed, and the upper level extends much higher, with the
press box and luxury boxes located on top. The east side is also decked, with a short first deck wrapping around almost from goalpost to
goalpost and another short steel-supported upper deck running the length of the field.