Rose Bowl Stadium
Home of the PAC 10 UCLA Bruins from 1981 - current
2007 Rose Bowl between USC and Michigan.
The 2006 season was the 25th
season for the UCLA Bruins
football team.  The Rose Bowl is
considered one of the finest
stadiums in the world, and it was
built specifically for football, but
used for some of the 1932
Olympic Games and for the 1984
Olympic soccer matches.  The
Rose Bowl has also hosted 4
Super Bowls, the 1994 World Cup
Championship and the 1999
Women's World Cup
BCS National Championship Games
On January 4th, 2006, the Rose Bowl hosted the BCS National Championship game for the 2nd time with Texas defeating USC.  It also hosted
the BCS National Championship on January 3rd, 2002 with the Miami Hurricanes defeating Nebraska.  
Capital Improvements
During the summer of 2006, the Rose Bowl and the City of Pasadena started a $16.3 million capital improvement program that will benefit
UCLA and the Tournament of Roses.  The first set of improvements are new locker rooms and an improved media room.  

Large improvements to the stadium were made in 1998 when chairs were installed in the seating areas between the endzones.  This
improvement caused a reduction in total seats, but increased the amount of money that they could charge for these seats.  In 1997, a new
video board, new scoreboard and new speakers were installed.
   Rose Bowl Facts
In 1897, the city of Pasadena purchased ten acres of land located in the Arroyo Seco area of Pasadena, CA. This site turned out to be
exactly what the Tournament of Roses Association needed. In 1921, it was decided that building should commence, and the structure was
built with the south end open, giving the stadium a "horseshoe" shape. The design of the stadium was intended to accommodate as many
patrons as possible, sitting close to the action. The first portion of the stadium was completed for less money than had been budgeted, and
the seating capacity at the time was 57,000.
UCLA at the Rose Bowl
UCLA has played at the Rose Bowl for 25 years.  UCLA's lease with the RBOC expires in 2023.  Prior to playing at the Rose Bowl, the Bruins
played at the LA Memorial Coliseum at the USC campus.  The Coliseum is a great stadium that can provide a top notch home field
advantage, but it was not a good situation for the biggest game of the year; against the USC Trojans.  UCLA struck a deal in 1980 with the
RBOC to begin playing at the Rose Bowl in 1981.  Many boosters and alumnus were not pleased with the move to Pasadena.  But there not
many other options.  A new stadium on campus was impossible, and a new stadium in LA would be almost as difficult.  But the relocation
proved to be a great move for the Bruins, the fans showed they will travel the extra miles to see the Bruins Football team, and the Bruins are
selling out most games.  In 2006, the Bruins used their home field advantage to beat USC and knock the team out of the national
championship race.