2005 Stadium Expansion
The grand entrance to the new Suites and Club Seats on the west side of
Spartan Stadium will be well protected. Standing inside the three story,
glass-enclosed grand entrance will be the world's largest free-standing
ceramic statue... otherwise know as "Sparty".  There are now 2 Sparty's.  The
original is now inside the stadium in the glass entrance.  The replica is in the
old location. The high ceiling, glass walls, marble floors and Sparty will greet
you upon entering this beautiful new facility.

Twenty-four Suites will be built in a new press tower that will be above the
west deck of Spartan Stadium. The Suites will hold between twelve and
twenty-four guests in extraordinary comfort with theater-style seating and a
living-room style seating area complete with television monitors, refrigerators,
elevator access and private restrooms. Each suite will be climate controlled
and have windows that open and close at the owner's discretion. There isn't
a better way to entertain your family, friends, business partners and clients
than watching Spartan Football from the luxury of the new Spartan Stadium
Suites.  The total cost of the expansion is $64 million.
Spartan Stadium
Spartan Stadium opened in 1923 in East Lansing, Michigan.  It is home of the Michigan
State University Spartans.  With a capacity of 75,005, it is the Big Ten's fifth largest
stadium. It is regarded as one of the loudest stadiums in college football.  Spartan
Stadium has been recognized as the 8th most scenic college football venue in the
Starting in 1896, Spartan football was played in Old College Field near
Demonstration Hall.  Then in the early 1920s school officials decided to
construct a new stadium to replace Old College Field. The resulting stadium
was ready in the fall of 1923 with a capacity of only 14,000.  In 1935 the
seating capacity increased to 26,000 and the facility was dedicated as
Macklin Field.  John Macklin, who was the football coach from 1911-15, put
Michigan State football on the map with a 29—-5 record over five seasons
with victories over big name programs such as Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio
State, Penn State and Wisconsin.  After admittance into the Big Ten in 1948,
Michigan State increased stadium capacity to 51,000 and the field was
renamed Macklin Stadium.  With the Spartan's success attracting national
attention under Clarence "Biggie" Munn and Hugh "Duffy" Daugherty, 9,000
seats were added in 1956.  The following season upper decks were added to
the east and west ends boosting the capacity to 76,000. That same season
Michigan State dropped the name Macklin Stadium in favor of Spartan

In 1969, TartanTurf replaced the natural grass field and a modern
scoreboard was added in 1973.  Later in the 1970s Astroturf replaced the
TartanTurf.  A new modern video scoreboard was added before the 1991
season.  Renovations improving sightlines, field security, handicap access
and club seats in 1994 reduced Spartan Stadium's capacity to 72,027.  New
turf was also installed in the summer of 1994.  In 1998 Spartan Stadium
upgraded their sound system, added a 21' x 27' Mitsubishi Diamond Vision
videoboard to the south end and a message board to the north end.  Home
to the number one turfgrass research programs in the nation, Michigan State
installed a natural grass field in 2002. The most recent expansion was
completed in August 2005.  A new pressbox, 24 luxury suites, and 862 club
seats were constructed on the west side of Spartan Stadium.  This addition
made Spartan Stadium the tallest building in East Lansing.
Spartan Stadium with Astroturf during the 1992 season.
Spartan Stadium debuting its new field turf in 2002.
The new home of Sparty.
The 18,000 square foot luxury concourse from the 2005
expansion project.
Tailgating at Spartan Stadium is a tradition that people take very serious.  Popular locations include the tennis courts, "the rock", and
around the MSU library area on north campus. When alcohol at Munn Field was banned in 1998, students rioted.  Open alcohol is
permitted on campus during tailgating hours, with the exception of Munn field.
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The Beaumont Tower near Spartan Stadium.  
This clock tower is one of the landmarks of
the beautiful Michigan State campus.
"MSU Spartans 300"
      MSU Spartans Football 2007 Season

MSU vs UAB - Win 55 - 18

MSU vs Bowling Green - Win 28 - 17