Fans of the Game
1.  World Cup 2006
2.  Florida State Football
3.  Brazil Soccer
4.  The Wichita State Shockers
5.  Raider Nation's Black Hole
6.  Soccer Hooligans
7.  NC A&T College Hoops
8.  Rainbow Man
9.  Cleveland Browns' Dawg Pound
10. Any college football opponent in LA
Notre Dame vs USC
    -Rose Bowl
11. Kentucky Derby
12. Fan Man
13. Ashley Judd
14. Cameron Crazies
16. Red Sox Nation
The Ohio State Football
Johnny Spirit of MSU
Soccer is not the most popular sport in
the US, but all sports fans will agree they
have some of the craziest fans.  The 2006
World Cup in Germany had a large supply
of wild fans from all over the world.  
The Black Hole in Oakland has some of the
weirdest fans in the US.  Raider Nation
stretches the entire coast of California since
Al Davis has moved the team a couple times.